Catherine Walsh, Senior Communication Consultant, The Reputation Agency:

“I have been lucky enough to work with Conor over the last six years. He is a pleasure to deal with, and extremely creative. He is genuine and reliable, and has a gift for putting his subjects at ease. We have had many successes together and long may they continue.”

Niall Shanahan, Communications Director, IMPACT Trade Union

“I’ve been working with Conor for over a decade. Our working relationship began while I was working at Montague Communications and Conor managed an excellent photoshoot for one of our clients, the Centre for Independent Living. The photos appeared in national newspapers the following day, and ever since Conor has been my ‘go to’ guy for photography. Over the years he has never ceased to impress me with his diligent approach to the craft of photography, his technical ability, his boundless creativity and total dedication to making sure his clients are happy with the results. Conor manages every shoot with patience, affability and charm, which means he can make even the most reluctant subject feel confident in front of the lens and under the lights. Conor has a keen understanding of the deadlines his clients work under, and delivers first class results no matter how demanding the time constraints.”

Ronan Cavanagh, Cavanagh Communications

“Cavanagh Communications has worked with Conor Healy Photography since the business was founded. Having worked with many photographers, including all of the big agencies prior to meeting Conor, for six years he has remained the photographer of choice. The reasons are the high quality of his work, his people skills at photocalls and his ability to take ownership of creative ideas and follow up. Together we have close to a 100% record of photocall pictures landing in the major papers. I strongly recommend him.”

Mans Martensson, Media Manager, Eurofound

“Conor has been providing us with photographs from our high profile events and visits, and video for our promotional campaigns, over the past number of years. Conor is reliable, trustworthy, and efficient, someone I trust blindly with his experience, good taste and technical know-how. Working with people in our multicultural and multilingual world, Conor understands how to get what he needs despite sometimes rigid protocol and inflexible circumstances. He has no difficulties in proposing improvements to various shots, asking anyone from high level politicians to students to move, adjust the tie or smile at any given moment – Conor is a true pro.”

Aileen O’Brien, O’Brien PR

“O'Brien PR has been working with Conor Healy for over 13 years, we have always found Conor to be super professional and helpful. His work is excellent and he is very efficient when it comes to syndication. We enjoy working with Conor and our clients really like him. He has a very nice way with people and immediately puts them at ease.”

Sharon Dagg, CEO, Down Syndrome Centre

“Conor has been an amazing supporter of the Down Syndrome Centre over the last 3 years in being the power behind our annual charity calendars. The patience and time he gave in capturing the children in various shots and the ability to put them at ease with his gentle approach produced images that were both praised & admired by parents and supporters from all corners of the world. Conor has that special touch in creating a story and personality from a single shot, and we are extremely grateful for his professional support.”

Carmel Breheny, Marketing Manager, M&S Ireland

“Conor has covered several events M&S have been part of and I have been consistently impressed by the standard and qualtiy of Conors work. I find Conor professional and friendly and have no hesitation in recommending Conor. I look forward to working with him soon.”

Greg Canty, Managing Partner of Fuzion

“In the course of our work we deal with a lot of professional photographers. Conor makes our job really easy with his pleasant and practical manner, his patience in staying until we get the perfect shot and the client is happy. For photographers in Dublin I would totally recommend him.“

Amy Buckeridge, Managing Director at The Publicity Loft Limited

“The team at Buckeridge PR have worked with Conor over a number of years and have always found him extremely professional and accommodating at all times. Conors results are excellent and his post job follow up has always been second to none. He is also great for sharing his expertise in guiding us and creating the perfect shots.”

Julie McCabe, M.D. Massive Public Relations

“We have worked with Conor for corporate PR photoshoots and event photography in Dublin and have always found him to be creative and insightful. I would highly recommend him. “

Michael Cusack Clyne, Digital @ Investec specialist bank

“Conor has produced excellent work for all of our major external events throughout the year. A pleasure to work with and highly recommended.”

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